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QOpenGLWidget: QSurfaceFormat sample count doesn't match *actual* sample count

  • I'm using an QOpenGLWidget to render some stuff in OpenGL 4.5 Core. Before displaying the window, I set the QSurfaceFormat. Depending on the number of samples (let's say 0 and 8), I get the desired behavior.

    For 0 samples: samples_0.PNG
    For 8 samples: samples_8.PNG

    Other integers also work as expected. But the strange thing is, that querying the current format in initializeGL() or paintGL() always yields the default surface format.

    void MyWidget::paintGL()
        auto fa = format();
        std::cout << "Samples: " << fa.samples() << std::endl;

    always prints "Samples: 0", no matter what number of samples is actually displayed in the widget.

    GLint n;
    gl_func->glGetFramebufferParameteriv(GL_FRAMEBUFFER, GL_SAMPLES, &n);
    std::cout << "Samples: " << n << std::endl;

    gives the correct number of samples.

    I've also tried changing the default QSurfaceFormat before initializing anything, but the behavior is the same.
    This behavior is not a problem for me per se, but I'd be interested in knowing what causes it and whether it can be avoided.

    OS: Windows 10 64-bit
    GPU: GTX 1080 Ti
    Using cmake + Visual Studio 2017 x64

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