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Installation failure in Ubuntu Linux 11.10

  • I am trying to Install the current Qt for Linux on a new hp laptop running 32-bit Ubuntu Linux 11.10. I download from the Qt site the file, open a terminal window, make the file executable with the chmod command, and execute it with
    ./ . Everything starts nicely, but soon the pretty windows give way to ugly messages on the terminal window like
    Unable to locate theme engine in module path: "pixmap"
    IA_gtk_widget_style_get: assertion 'Gtk_ISwidget' failed.

    Then it gets to a window requiring me to read four license agreements but giving me no chance to do so. Clicking on the names of the agreements does nothing. The window refuses to close and seems to extend infinitely far to the right and down. I must close the terminal window to get unstuck.

    Earlier today I posted a problem with installing Qt on Windows 7. I am not off to a good start with Qt, but with some gracious help maybe I'll get going.

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    Try upgrading ubuntu: There is a issue with the Qt they ship (more specific the style plugin). I managed to run the Qt SDK installer eventually after switching to real gnome 3 with a non-ubuntu-style.

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