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Qt Creator 4.11.0 revert to previous version?

  • The Maintenance Tool doesn't have an option to install a previous version of Qt Creator. Version 4.11.0 requires "libgssapi_krb5.so.2 => not found" which I do not have. I don't want to install the MIT Kerberos framework. The version before the upgrade did not require it. Now I can't use Creator. Do I need to clone the git repository and compile my own version?

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    Hi @Psnarf,

    you can use an offline installer from download.qt.io.

    Btw, which system are you on? I did not notice such dependency on Ubuntu 18.04 (maybe I have the lib, not sure)


  • Combination of Slackware-current, with KDE5/Plasma5, Linux From Scratch and roll-your-own. Thanks for the link to download.qt.io! Didn't know that existed. Appreciate your help!

    (I'd need a compelling reason to install a client/server application that requires Kerberos authentication, Samba, PAM and all on my development workstation. Qt, ffmpeg, gcc, and a text editor for html pays the bills. -AntiBloatware Foundation)

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