C++98 warnings after update to Qt 5.14 (MSVS2019)

  • After updating Qt to 5.15, I'm getting "incompatible with C++98" errors in ALL the places. I'm using CONFIG += c++1z (was using c++17 before but today I've learnt it apparently does nothing and the correct was is c++1z but the errors are there for both) and MSVS2019 (Qt MSVS2017 but it's compatible).

    Something changed? My app builds and runs the same, it's just that I'm getting all these warnings in every file, even Q_OBJECT macro is "unsupported" because of "nullptr" used there so you can imagine... I don't want to suppress all the warnings, I just want to get back to pre-upgrade state.

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    Hi @Szymon-M-Sabat,

    that was already mentioned in the blog post comments, there is also a workaround.

    You might want to look that up.


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