Is it possible to draw real time graphics in QML ?

  • Hello everyone, i'm a beginner to QT and QML (also to C++) trying to imitate a gui which i have seen on the internet. I need 5 different graphics with random values (5 charts) which aren't dependent to other and is responsive whole time, i have managed to do that in QTC++ with QCustomPlot but now i want to do that also in QtQuick. Is that possible ? I can't add QWidget for using QCustomPlot and QCharts crashes the app before it fills the graphs.

  • you can use 'Qt Data Visualization'


    If you want to use this, you should check the component.

    then you can select the exam.

  • Qt Champions 2018

    or Qt Charts for non 3D stuff.

    Note that both module are only licensed under GPL3 or commercial license, no LGPL3.

    So you have to open-source your app or pay to use Qt.

  • Check out the "Scene Graph - Graph" example available in the "Welcome" menu of Qt Creator. It has an example that creates a custom QtQuick graph object.

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