[SQL] MySQL error codes

  • Hi!

    I'm writing a simple application that connects to database. Everything works fine but there's one thing that I can't solve myself.

    Let say that I have a query like that:
    QSqlQuery query("UPDATE table SET id=3 WHERE name='name'")

    This table already has record with id=3 (id is primary key) and mysql returns with code:
    #1062 - Duplicate entry '3' for key 'PRIMARY'

    Hovewer, when I execute this query by:
    if (!query.exec())
    QMessageBox::warning(this, "Database error", QString::number(db.lastError().number()));

    I get -1 instead of error code (db.lastError().text() is empty, too). Any ideas what's wrong? How can I get mysql error code after query failed? I need to know what was the reason of the error in order to (for example) inform user about it.

    Thanks in advance.

  • I think I can answer myself :)

    Instead of

    @db.lastError().number()@ should be @query.lastError().number()@

    db (QSqlDatabase) refers probably to whole database and that's why it doesn't return error codes of unsuccessful executed queries.

    Topic can be closed.

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