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QWebEngineView. How to pass variable to Js function?

  • Hello. I would to know how I can pass a QString variable to js function. Example:

    QString value;
    webview = new QWebEngineView;

    I receive this error:

    js: Uncaught ReferenceError: value is not defined
    [17240:14380:1213/204829.811:INFO:CONSOLE(1)] "Uncaught ReferenceError: value is not defined", source: qrc:/new/web/Posts.html (1)

    It only accepts if value is quoted, "value".

  • @Ucn_

    webview->page()->runJavaScript("getInfo('" + value1 + "', '" + value2  + "');");

  • @Ucn_
    To pass the value of value into your JavaScript, as shown, you'll want something like

    webview->page()->runJavaScript("getInfo('" + value + "');");

    Note how it is being quoted inside ' and '.

    There will be some alternative QString way of making the string I do with + above, if you prefer.

  • @JonB Thanks, can that method pass two parameters?

  • @Ucn_

    webview->page()->runJavaScript("getInfo('" + value1 + "', '" + value2  + "');");

  • @JonB Thanks.

  • @Ucn_
    OK, I believe this is how you do it in nice, readable fashion:

    webview->page()->runJavaScript(QString("getInfo('%1', '%2');").arg(value1).arg(value2));

    Looks neater, doesn't it? :)

    To do it properly/robustly, if your values could ever contain a ' character you would have to process your value via a function to protect embedded 's. Also if it has any \s.

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