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Qt Creator debugger in Ubuntu

  • In previous versions of Qt SDK I never had a problem like this.
    I'm running Qt Creator 2.3.1 with Qt SDK 1.1.3 on Ubuntu 11.10 x86 Desktop.
    Everytime when I try to debug an application the debugger just "fly" trough it.
    I putted breakpoint's and I have an return app.exec() in the main(), but the only thing I see is an flashing terminal. When I open the Application Output I see

    bq. Debugging starts
    Debugging has finished

    When I start the application manually my application runs normally and without any errors or warnings.
    Does anyone encountered a similar problem like mine?

  • Might be a stupid question, but does it actually try to start the correct app?

  • :D Yes off course. In most cases I have only one active project. For the last project I'm using shadow build only for one platform.

  • New try.
    I tried to run the Bearer Manager example from Qt Creator and the application flashed again. I haven't do that on Ubuntu 11.10 before. If no one knows any reason for that I'll report it as a bug. It's very possible to be while the SDK maintenance tool crashes without parameter for other style.

  • I haven't seen any such issues on gentoo.

  • That's what I mean. Ubuntu uses Unity Desktop Environment. And I guess Qt doesn't supports It. However there wasn't any problem with the old versions of Ubuntu and Unity.

  • [quote author="Yordan Ivanov" date="1320314343"]That's what I mean. Ubuntu uses Unity Desktop Environment. And I guess Qt doesn't supports It.[/quote]
    I would find that odd, given that unity uses Qt. However, you could try to install another window manager (apt-get install fluxbox kde gnome xfce whatever) and try and see what happens there.

  • I had a similar problem using kubuntu, but it was not related to the distro or the desktop, just the fact I was compiling the release version of the application. Have you checked the build options?

  • Yes. I'm using Debug version. However I' will install other Desktop environment to check if the problem for me comes from it.

  • I installed ubuntu 11.10 64bit yesterday and Qt Creator 2.3.1 behaves as it should.

    I did use a trick to get all the dependencies right at once by installing the Qt sdk using the ubuntu package manager and afterwards additionally installing the latest Qt sdk using the online installer.

  • Hi again.
    I uninstalled the SDK and followed the above steps. During the installation I saw an error t for which I forgotten that I've seen during the last installation:

    bq. Error during installation process (
    The output of
    /opt/QtSDK/Simulator/Qt/gcc/bin/qmake -query
    is not parseable. Please file a bugreport with this dialog
    output: ""

    So I think that it's the reason for my problem.

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    Did you file a bug report then?

  • Yes off course. :)

  • [quote author="Yordan Ivanov" date="1320604123"]Yes off course. :)[/quote]

    Please enlighten us and share the bug id with the forum audience :-) It helps others to refer to it in case they are bitten by the same problem. Thanks.

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