Qt creator: loading up a project file located in subdirectory

  • Hi, a legacy project I am working on has the following folder hierarchy:

    |--- folder1
    |--- folder2
    |--- Buildfiles
            |--- my_app.pro
            |--- components
                    |--- comp1.pro
                    |--- comp2.pro     

    The pro file that builds the project is my_app.pro, which has (among other things) these lines:

    INCLUDEPATH = folder1 folder2

    If I run qmake from the src directory: qmake Buildfiles/my_app.pro the project builds cleanly. If I now try to use Qt Creator to open the my_app.pro file, it's not loading any headers or sources (in folder1 and folder2) since (I assume) Qt Creator will look in the current directory for folder1 and folder2 and it cannot find them. It does load the components/compX.pro though.

    Is there a way to make Qt Creator load up the pro file correctly without changing the pro file itself (as there is client code building it from the src directory)? By perhaps writing a new short pro file which will load the my_app.pro file?
    Thank you for your suggestions!

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