QOpenGLWidget strokes premul, while QWidget is straight?

  • referring to this article, i see someone else has also run into this, but did not get a satisfactory answer.

    I am implementing what on macOS Carbon is known as a "transparency layer", that is, you begin a transparency context (basically create a transparent QImage the size of the canvas you're drawing on), do your drawing (with transparency), finish your context, then blit the contents of that context as a whole with a specified transparency (this is to achieve "fade away" via animation) (done by first iterating over all pixels and multiplying the alpha channel by the desired transparency, then blitting)

    When i use QWidget, my stroked paths (text) look creamy smooth along the edges, as if everything is in fact being handled as straight alpha:


    However, if i switch to using QOpenGLWidget, my stroked paths appear to have a crusty border, as if they were drawn with premul-over-black alpha:


    No other code changes except swapping QOpenGLWidget for QWidget.

    Does this seem... unexpected? Note if i attempt to manually unmultiply, things look much worse, so i don't think it's PRECISELY a premul thing. (and i know my manual unmultiply works because unit tests)

    (Ignore for now the fact that it's white-on-white, i know that, i'm NOT drawing the black text behind the stroke to more clearly illustrate the halo around the strokes)

  • I'm wondering if anybody else cares about this or has a suggested workaround (that is still highly performant) ?

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