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ActiveX: How to call method/property in another interface

  • I'm working with an internal ActiveX control - written in c++. Using QAxWidget to host the activex control and using dynamicCall() to set properties and call methods, so far its working well.

    However, some of the properties return Interfaces (IDispatch*) that I need to use to call a different set of properties and methods. What I can't figure out is how to invoke those? I did try dumpdoc and it does show those properties that return the interfaces but the code sample only shows that it returns IDispatch* - nothing about how to use it?

    IDispatch* val = object->property("StorageSettings").toIDispatch*();

    Assuming there is a method "Stop()" in Interface returned by "StorageSettings", how would I go about using it?

  • Figured it out myself :)

    Use querySubOject() method. Use the returned AxObject as a COM interface to call any method/property on that interface.

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