QTableWidget itemDoubleClicked signal link to textEdit

  • i have a populated tableWidget and i want to select the row header upon doubleClick and grab the text in the row header then populate a textEdit with it.

    i have:

    @connect(ui->tableWidget, SIGNAL(itemDoubleClicked(QTableWidget*)),ui->textEdit, SLOT(on_tableWidget_itemDoubleClicked(QTableWidgetItem*)));
    void on_tableWidget_itemDoubleClicked(QTableWidgetItem *item)
    QString selectedName = item->text();
    } @
    and not only is the focus not changing when i run and doubleClick the code buh nothing is happening to the textEdit... Am i missing something here? is the row header not a TableWidgetItem??

  • You should check "Signals & Slots":http://doc.qt.nokia.com/stable/signalsandslots.html
    So your slot function MUST be a member of a class derived from QObject and with Q_OBJECT preprocessor defined.

    edit for quote:

    bq. All classes that contain signals or slots must mention Q_OBJECT at the top of their declaration. They must also derive (directly or indirectly) from QObject.

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