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Problem with multiple languages

  • my pc is window 7,and, install Qt 4.7. i create a project, the name is "",Has Been Successfully Compiled. add "TRANSLATIONS += myapp_en.ts myapp_jp.ts myapp_zh.ts" in . I hope have the three files. But not have, So , use "lupdate.exe" to do it, also not. what have i got to do?

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  • Shouldn't the language files be divided by "" ?

  • [quote author="maxmotor" date="1320145780"]Shouldn't the language files be divided by "" ?[/quote]


    The backslash is to mark at the end of the line that it continues on the next line.

    These two are equivalent:

    TRANSLATIONS = myapp_de.ts myapp_en.ts myapp_fr.ts

    TRANSLATIONS = myapp_de.ts

  • Oh :)

    I guess I should keep to asking questions instead of trying to answer them :)

  • lupdate/linguist has worked without problems for me. I have two translations (en, fi):


    I have added the result files (.qm) to resources, and use them happily. Just a dummy question, but have you tr() calls in your software? I really have no good ideas, as translation has worked without problems for me.

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