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Qt install Framework - Install directory deletion

  • Qt Champions 2017

    OS - MAC
    We are using the Qt Installer Framework to create the installer package.
    Application is installed in directory- /Users/Raj/MyApp/MyApp1/Install

    During the uninstallation it will delete

    1. /Users/dheeru/MyApp/MyApp1/Install
    2. However the directories /Users/dheeru/MyApp/MyApp1 will still remain.
    3. /Users/dheeru/MyApp/MyApp1 & /Users/dheeru/MyApp are empty directories.
    4. /Users/dheeru/MyApp & /Users/dheeru/MyApp/MyApp1 are created during the installation process. So they are empty only.

    Question -
    How do we delete the directory /Users/dheeru/MyApp/MyApp1 & /Users/dheeru/MyApp ? during the un-installation ?

  • Hi,
    Run sudo delete command "sudo rm -rf path"
    to delete forcefully.

  • Run this command from qt application.

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