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QT installation on OSX Lion & some questions

  • hello everyone! I'm new here, and I registered me to ask some questions over here...
    So, I bought a macbook pro, with OSX Lion three days ago, and I wanted to install QT, with the QT creator, cause it's a very nice IDE to program with. So I went to the website, and I chose the online installer. But if I started the *.dmg , the installer asked me where I wanted to install QT. The path was by default set to /users/jonas , because that's my home folder. I didn't know anything about OSX Lion yet, so i thought it would all be all right to install it over there. So the installation finished successfully, but now, the folder "QT SDK" is in my home folder, and Qt creator doesn't stand in my program folder. Now i want that "Qt SDK' folder out of my home folder, but I don't know how i could do this...I think it isn't normal that "QT SDK" stands in my home folder, because there aren't other folders from other programs like iTunes or other ones in my home folder, but the iTunes folder, the iCal folder, and all other app folders are in my library. So here 's my question: Can i just drag and drop it to my library where my other app folders are in? Or where do i have to drag and drop it to? And right now there isn't a QT creator app or shortcut in my program folder, can i just drag and drop it in my program folder? Or do i have to d something else to make this possible? And when i just start a console application right now with QT creator, and i want to compile the code i wrote, there is a report that "the terminal emulator <xterm> can't be started..." so when i compile the code, there happens nothing, cause the terminal can't be started. How can i make the terminal start when i compile the code? Cause right now i have to go to the project in the finder, and then execute the compiled app that is in the path i set when i started the project...

    Also I installed Xcode, because it's the most used IDE i think on mac OSX. But if i start a project, and i set the path to my documents folder, then there comes only an Xcode project in that documents folder, but the compiled app is in my library below "developer". Is this normal? I want to have the compiled app in the path i set when i started the project, but now it is in a different place, that is hided by apple by default, so i think it is not intended I change things and other stuff in that library...

    Can somebody help me please?

    Thank you, DigiByte.

  • never mind on my first post, now i have anew question:

    When in wanted to install QT SDK, i've got the notification that i need to have Xcode installed on my mac because there isn't a compiler. But i removed Xcode, because i didn't liked tit. And i think it is somewhat overkill to install whole Xcode, just because of the compiler that's with Xcode. So i was thinking it would be nice if i just could download a compiler, then put it in the qt sdk folder, and then compile with the compiler that i putted in that folder...

    Can someone tell me please, if this is possible or not? Do i really have to install whole Xcode over again, just for that compiler? Or can i download the compiler somewhere else, and then link it whit QT creator, so QT creator will compile with that compiler i downloaded?

    Thank You, DigiByte.

  • I strongly recommend to install XCode. I never heard of installing the compiler separately. And to be honest, it's not worth the effort. If you don't want to use XCode as an IDE, then just do not start it. Hard disc space shouldn't be a concern nowadays. One has so many unused stuff on workstation, so this doesn't matter much :-)

  • I did what you recommended me, and now it all works fine. I installed Xcode on the normal way, and after that, I installed Qt, while making a folder in my program folder called "QT", in that folder. Now it all works fine :) Thanks for the reply !

  • You're welcome. And now have fun programmin with Qt - you'll like it! :)

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