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[SOLVED] How to get text of svgz file?

  • I need to add svgz(zipped svg) content to the QDomDocument.
    Usual svg i can open with QFile & QTextStream.

    Only way I find, is to extract it with gunzip. But then I must to use additional qprocess.

    Is there any other way?

  • You can use QuaZIP. It's a wrapper for zlib.

  • There is a FAQ entry on compression and decompression.

  • I can't uncompress svgz with quazip or qzipreader.
    I can uncompress only usual zip files.

    Only way I find, is to rename svgz to gz.
    And then:
    @gunzip vector.gz@

  • You can start a QProcess using "gunzip -c", then feed the compressed svgz to the process' stdin (using QProcess::write!) and read the decompressed data from the process' stdout (using QProcess::read!). As QProcess is a QIODevice, you might try to attach a QTextStream to it for reading.

  • :)
    So, Qt can't read svgz.
    I'll try to use method proposed by Volker.

  • It was easier than I thought:
    @QProcess proc(this);
    QStringList args;
    At the output I get svg text.
    Then I replace qDebug with it:
    @QDomDocument dom;
    And my problem is solved!
    Thanks Volker again.

  • You're welcome. You might try

    QDomDocument dom;

    Maybe that saves you from copying around some bytes in the QByteArray.

  • Thanks a lot. Again. :)
    I didn't know about this method.

  • In Qt, many classes that deal with data have a constructor or method that uses a QIODevice pointer as data source. It's always worth a try to look for those.

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