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Tell desktop environment what's "now playing"

  • I am not 100% sure how to phrase this question, because I am not sure whatthe feature is actually called. But on KDE and Win10, when I lock my screen, I can see a reference to what's "now playing," often something like a YouTube video that I was watching.

    What's that feature called, so I can google it properly?

    Does Qt have any bindings for it that I can tell the desktop environment about stuff my app is playing to inform the lock screen? What's the interface like?

    And, if not Qt, is there some other portable way to interface with it without too much fuss?

  • @wrosecrans
    In Win 10, it seems to be a customizable feature. see this article:
    Win 10 function
    I'm not sure about KDE as I don't have it installed but I believe I read that KDE was built with Qt and being Open Source you should be able to find something in the source code.
    I'm no expert in these things and not really my AOI.

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