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QT5 + BGFX integration

  • Hello Everyone!

    I would like to integrate BGFX framework - 3D framework to QT5 application.
    I know about QT3D, but I would like to integrate BGFX. BGFX on GitHub -

    I created a skeleton application which shows Qt5 + BGFX integration -
    Basically, it works. However, I have flicking \ blinking issue when using DX9 or OpenGL renderer. Please use left mouse button to rotate the 3D cube. On my side DX11 renderer works fine. Looks like that double buffer is not used in central widget.

    Could somebody review my code and probably run it to advice a solution?
    Thank you very much!

  • Hey Petr,
    did you ever find the problems of your integration? I tried it and could reproduce the flickering only when using DX9. OpenGL, Vulkan and DX11 worked very well.

    Also: did you ever look into integrating BGFX into a QtQuick application?
    I just tried it by altering the Scene Graph - OpenGL Under QML example but failed miserably.
    My attempt can be found here:
    Do you think you can take a look?

    Looking forward to a reply

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