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Problem installing QT - Windows 7 64bits

  • hello,

    I'm trying to install qt, but giving this error in installation.


    @C: \ QtSDK / Madde / targets / harmattan-nokia-Meego-api / bin / qmake.exe is not existing or not executable
    operation 'SetExamplesPathOnQt' with arguments: 'C: \ QtSDK / Madde / targets / harmattan-nokia-api-Meego C: \ QtSDK/Examples/4.7' failed: The output of
    C: \ QtSDK \ Madde \ targets \ harmattan-nokia-Meego-api \ bin \ qmake.exe-query
    is not parseable. Please file a bugreport with this dialog
    output: ""

    "create message box with identifier 'installationErrorWithRetry'"
    operation 'QtPatch' with arguments: 'windows C: \ QtSDK / Simulator / Qt / mingw' failed: Qt patch error: Can not open C: / QtSDK / Simulator / Qt / mingw / bin / qmake.exe

    qpatch: warning: could not patched the demo path in C: \ QtSDK / Simulator / Qt / mingw / bin / qmake.exe
    ElevatedExecuteOperation setNativeArguments to start: C: \ QtSDK/Symbian/SDKs/SymbianSR1Qt474/patch.qmake.paths.bat
    C: \ QtSDK/Symbian/SDKs/SymbianSR1Qt474/patch.qmake.paths.bat started, arguments:

    qpatch: warning: could not patched in the example path C: / QtSDK/Desktop/Qt/4.7.4/mingw/bin/qmake.exe
    qpatch: warning: file `C: / QtSDK/Desktop/Qt/4.7.4/mingw/bin/qmake.exe 'can not open.@

    @Qt version is not Properly installed, please run make install@

    Anyone know why this error with this? I would be very grateful for the help.

    Thank you

  • I would start with the first error, about qmake.exe. Does that file exist, is where it exists in the PATH, and do the permissions on it allow execution?

  • Hello, The qmake.exe, has that file. C:/QtSDK/Simulator/Qt/mingw/bin/qmake.exe AND C:/QtSDK/Desktop/Qt/4.7.4/mingw/bin/qmake.exe

  • After installation, the error you have. Not to create the desktop application and others.! qt)!

  • The installation did run through without problems. You have problems with building a small test program for MeeGo.
    Is that your problem?

  • The error is in the installation,

    In order to install had to click the ignore error.

    About desktop application. At the select desktop does not have to make! look at the photo below,


    ! qt installation)!

  • Discovers the error, has to put share for Windows XP (Service Pack 2). And ran and administrative.Thank the people who answer my question :)

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