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VS 2019 & Qt 5.13.2

  • Hi;

    After migrate to VS2019 & Qt 5.13.2, I can not compile (either new project). Gets this error "1>p:\ChFC\chfc_global.h(3,10): fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'QtCore/qglobal.h': No such file or directory". Because project(s) in (P:) and Qt (C:) is installed different drive. If same, no problem. VS looks Qt folders in P => $(Qt_INCLUDEPATH_) and it means "...\qt\…" (releative). How to make $(Qt_INCLUDEPATH_) releative path to absolute path (c:\Qt...) ? $(Qt_INCLUDEPATH_) is not editable...


  • I solved the problem as following instruction;

    • Delete local user profile by admin account
    • Login again, it will recreate local user profile
    • Open VS
    • Install Qt extension
    • Create different temporary Qt profile
    • Change project's Qt profile to new one and apply
    • Rechange Qt profile to back/orginal one
    • Delete temporary Qt profile

    that all !

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