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PBSTableView - QTableView with many extension

  • PBSTableView

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    QTableView with many extension

    1. Filter Row
    2. Footer Row
    3. Column Auto Width
    4. Enable/Disable Sort
    5. Auto Edit
    6. Quick Customize
    7. Add New Row (Down Key Presses On Last Row if not have new row)
    8. Delete Row (Ctrl+Del)
    9. Column Alignment
    10. Column Formatting
    11. Default Editor
    12. Export Table (xls, xml, Excel Xml, Word Xml, HTML, CSV, PDF, Text)
    13. Print Table
    14. Load/Save State
    15. Filter Box
    16. ReadOnly Columns
    17. Focused Columns
    18. Move Column
    19. Footer Vaue (None, Sum, Min, Max, Average)
    20. Goto Next Col On Enter Key
    21. Goto Next First Column on Enter Press On Last Col

    Default Editor

    Header Menu

    Footer Menu

    Table Print Preview

    Filter Box

    Quick Customize

  • Hi, thanks for the contribution

    While the product is open source so I doubt anybody will ever create problems to you, you are embedding 3rd party software ( that has a specific license and you are technically in breach (MIT is so easy to comply to there is no real reason not to do it)

    I had a quick look at the code, PBSCalculateThread should not call directly methods of an item that is owned by the main thread and even impacts the widget aspect.

  • 3Rd Party Tools

    3rd party software (

    KDE - KODfNumberFormat

    KDE - Some Utils

  • Yep, you should include that in the repository as well as the copyright statements of those libraries.
    KDE is GPL so not much more to do

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