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Learning how to make Qt "backend" do what I want

  • Hi Everyone

    I have had a lot of trouble for a long time now in tasks such as upgrading Qt software adding libraries and creating kits. I have a QT 3.3, Creator 3.2.1, on a Linux platform, and I think I am at least proficient in creating projects in Qt and C++. However, I am terrible at figuring out what to do when the update tool fails or the steps online to update the version of this does not work. Why is this so hard? There just seems to be constant woes when I'm developing and most of my time is spent fighting Qt, not C++.

    I have had the following issues.

    • How to install MQTT on QT (multiple tutorials fail me)
    • How to update QT creator
    • How to update Qt
    • What to do when the update tool fails to find repositories\
    • Installing Qt on Linux platforms and building them with all the needed parts (kits compiler)

    If you have good solutions to these problems that would be great! However, I would really like some resources in order to understand the "backend" of Qt and how to make it do what I want. There are tons of tutorials and videos on how to make projects and code in Qt but almost none for these backend tasks. I want to be good at Qt but I'm almost at the point of tossing it out the window and making our device code in an easier less problematic framework (if that even exists).

    For an example of one of my development flow of problems:

    1. tasked with creating a serial interface controlling a device and running a GUI
    2. spent a few days learning how serial worked and how it worked on Qt
    3. spent 2 days trying to figure out why serial didn't work
    4. found that Qt had a bug all along in the version I used for serial
    5. Went and tried to update to the newest version to remove the issue
    6. updater was broken and would not find repositories
    7. spent a large amount of time trying to debug this.
    8. Gave up and reinstalled Qt on a fresh installation
    9. new version ALSO had the same problem
    10. gave up and made the entire solution in python in a day (I felt Qt had defeated me at this point)

    I don't want to complain I would just like to know some advice to learn these "backend" problems. Am I missing some fundamental education here? Maybe I should study how IDEs in general work? Or maybe compilers?

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    @chalres said in Learning how to make Qt "backend" do what I want:

    QT 3.3, Creator 3.2.1

    That's really old! Qt 3 is long out of support. Qt 4 is out of support as well (for years). Use Qt 5, either the newest version (5.13.2) or the newest LTS branch (Qt 5.12.x).

    How to install and update: use the online installer from Qt web site. It will set everything up for you automatically. Do not install Qt as root user unless you have to.

    What to do when the update tool fails to find repositories\

    Report a bug on Qt bug tracker.

    found that Qt had a bug all along in the version I used for serial

    what bug was it?

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