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How to change the color of the Qt Assistant?

  • i always think that Qt Assistant is the one best of the doc,so,when i met some problem,i always open Qt Assistant and try to find answer

    And then....

    i often look Qt Assistant for a long time,but my eyes is accustomed to to look white fonts and black background.if i look black font and white background too long,my eyes will fell fatigue,even tears....for my eyes,i set Qt Creator like this

    In fact,my tools like xShell,VS Code,VS and so on,they are all black background.

    How to set the color of Qt Assistant's background to black..

    Help me for my eyes....

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    It's not that simply, it seems.

    While it accepts the -stylesheet cmdline param

    C:\Qt\5.13.1\msvc2017_64\bin\assistant.exe -stylesheet e:\test.txt


    QWidget {
    	background-color: rgb(46, 47, 48);
    	color: rgb(255 255, 255);

    alt text

    It didnt use the color tag for changing text color.
    I tried some other stylesheets but at no point,the color would change so not sure this
    can be useful but i felt i should mention it anyway.

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