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Creating a C++ class diagram - any way to automatically fill members/attributes/etc?

  • I have a QTCreator C++ project. I need to generate a class diagram (either for all of it, or for a subproject if possible).

    When I drag-and-drop a .h file into a blank model it does make a class, but it doesn't fill in anything about it.

    It would be extremely tedious and slow to do this by hand - it's a large project.

    Can I have QTCreator automatically fill in the "easy" things like methods and attributes? If It could do more like inheritance that'd be great, but even simple stuff like just having the basics of the class diagram down would be amazing.

    If not, any other tool that will do this? I tried StarUML along with their addon, but it seems to have just produced garbage. I couldn't find a class diagram anywhere.

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