Different delegates in TableViewColumn depending on data

  • In QTableView with custom delegate in createEditor I can provide any widget I want to display my data. I have access to model, so I test what data are inside and display them with different widget.

    How to achieve the same in TableView/TableViewColumn?

    		title: "Value"
    		role: "propertyValue"
    		movable: false
    		delegate: {
    			type = propertiesTableView.model.data(propertiesTableView.model.index(styleData.row, styleData.column), 0x0100);
    			//styleData is not defined
    			console.log("Type value for row '"+styleData.row+"' is "+type)
    			if (type == 1) 
    				return NodePropertyDelegate.floatDelegate
    			else if (type == 2)
    				return 0

    I tried this - but styleData is not present, so I don't know how to get type from model.

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    deletegate should be Component. In your code you are writing code directly.

    delegate : Rectangle {
          Text {
             text : styleData.value

    Any processing inside the delegate can be done with appropriate signal handler inside the signal handler of component.

  • Please take a look into sensor_explorer example (Qt 5.11+).
    There's part of code

                    itemDelegate: {
                        if (selectedItem && selectedItem.isWriteable)
                            return editableDelegate;
                        return readOnlyDelegate;

    where code makes selection what to display as delegate depending on few properties of TableView.
    I'm referring to this kind of code to select which delegate to show.

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    You could use DelegateChooser

  • Cool, that's what I was looking for.