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QtCreator: The only choice is git...

  • The only choice is git... at least in my local version V2.3.1 of QtCreator. I am able to configure various version control systems in the "Tools / Options" menu including subversion which I would like to use. But afterwards only git is displayed both in the tools menu and when a new project is created.

    • A subversion client is installed and can be used from within eclipse.
    • The subversion plugin is loaded.
    • We are using a pretty old version of svn (1.4.6), could that be a problem ?

    Warm regards,

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    Did you check out sources from Subversion? Go to "File->New Project->Existing Project from Version Control->Subversion checkout" (sorry, don't know the exact strings right now) and you should be fine.

    Only those version control systems that are relevant to a project are actually shown in the menu.

  • Ah, you are right ! I just looked for some kind of repository browser like in eclipse, but that's a feasible way to get your code to the local machine, too.

    Thank you very much for the quick answer (and, by the way, thanks for the nice presentation at the Qt Developer Days last week),


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