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3D view from multiple PNG files

  • HI,

    If there is a suitable forum group for this topic, please let me know.

    I wonder if anyone can give a tip to make a Qt viewer that displays 3D from multiple PNG files.

    I got a number of tomography PNG files and want to view these in a 3D.

    By the way I am looking for using C++ instead of QML or other additional tools.

    Any comments would be appreciated.

  • What you are wanting is a way to treat your data as voxels (3D pixels). You could use QSGGeometryNode to treat each image as a slice and create a stacked view that can be rotated inside a QQuickItem. However, I am not sure how efficient that will be compared to a native 3D rendering. What are the dimensions of the image? Are there medical rendering libraries out there for this kind of data?

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