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Stop application from quitting when closing/destroying secondary widget

  • Ok, so I have main window and settings window. The main window derives from QMainWindow whereas the settings one derives from QWidget.
    The main window contains a tray icon and can be either visible or hidden. When I close the settings window while the main window is hidden, the entire application closes. How can I stop the application from quitting when I destroy the settings widget when main window is hidden?

  • Moderators

    By default main application event loop exits when last visible window is closed. You can disable that by setting QGuiApplication::setQuitOnLastWindowClosed to false.

    Make sure to provide some other path to exit the event loop by calling QCoreApplication::exit() e.g. via option in the tray's menu or a menu action in the main window when it is visible, or your user won't be able to exit the app.

  • @Chris-Kawa
    Thank you, this solves the problem. As to alternative way to exit, I already have exit action on tray's menu.
    Have a nice day.