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Cannot open app on firefox(exception thrown: 15354424) but work with Chrome

  • OS : win 10 64bits
    Firefox : 69.0.3(64bits)
    Error message : Application exit (15354424)
    Qt: 5.13.1
    emscripten : 1.38.27

    Works for Chrome : 77.0.3865.120 (Official Build) (64-bit)

    Do anyone know what do 15354424 mean? I open the console but it only give me "exception thrown: 15354424"

  • Tried with Qt5.14.0 beta 1, the error message change to

    "Link Error: Import object field 'Hm' is not a Function"

    Chrome still work, but this time it cannot show unicode characters on QTableWidget, while Qt5.13.1 can

    Using emscripten : 1.38.27

    Edit : Qt5.14.0 beta 1, every widgets need to load the fonts manually

  • Firefox 70.0 works again.

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