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Cleaning up my Qt installation

  • Hi -

    I've been using Qt as an IDE for several months now, and I've gotten some stuff that I don't think I need any more (such as support for mobile devices, since I'm building console apps, and I still have version 4.7.3).

    What's the safe way to clean out my Qt installation so I'm just left with the SDK, most recent libraries and tools like Creator?


  • You can do it from SDK maintenance tool.

  • SDK maintenance tool doesn't appear to remove older versions of software. Can those safely be removed manually?

  • I think yes because if there is common Qt files they were overwritten by last installed version. So there should not be any dependencies on the old files.

  • Earlier today, I ran the maintenance tool to update my installation. I got version 4.8 RC in the bargain.

    Now, I can't select version 4.7.4 from the projects->targets->build settings. I do have one for 4.7.3. Can someone explain this?

    I'd like to delete 4.7.3 and earlier versions, but not if I can't run 4.7.4 now.


  • I would try following:

    1. add 4.7.4 to Qt Creator manually;
    2. remove all 4.7.3 relevant folders and files;
    3. if for some reason 4.7.4 became no longer available just reinstall Qt.

  • OK, but I'm a bit concerned that it didn't pick up 4.7.4 automatically. Any idea why this might not have happened?

  • I have no clue about it. Maybe some of 4.7.4 files were overwritten by 4.8 files.
    You can do some digging in Qt Creator's sources to understand how it finds tool chains.

  • OK, thanks. I suppose if worst comes to worst, I can just delete the entire Qt directory and reinstall, right?

    Is 4.8 RC reasonably stable? I suppose it must be if the installer gave it to me automatically.

  • I think that you should first delete everything with SDK Maintenance tool. And if there is files left in QtSDK directory delete them manually.
    I can not say anything about 4.8 RC stability since i'm using 4.7.4.

  • There is something strange going on with the maintenance tool. Despite my running it twice, it still shows my Qt SDK as version 1.1.3-3, with a new version of available.

    All of my code and project information is stored outside the Qt directory. Perhaps I should consider uninstalling everything, and re-installing from scratch?

  • I would do it.

  • Done, and it seems to work OK.

    In my Tool Chain, I have something called Maemo 6 GCC. It's the last of my auto-detected chains. What is it, do I need it, and if so, should it be ahead of the others?


    I also have something called MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan in my Qt Versions; do I need this?

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