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Compile for linux target from windows.

  • Hi,
    Is it posiable to build app for linux target (using gcc) from windows OS?

    I dont want to maintain 2 workspaces, linux and windows. I want to develop on windows and have the ability to run the app in 2 environment.


  • @Lior

    Hi and welcome to devnet forum

    Do you have a cross-compiler for cross-compilation on windows for linux? There are certainly cross-compilers available. You would have to cross-compile Qt libs with that cross-compiler. After this you can use the cross-compile toolchain and do a cross-compilation for your applications.

    My personal recommendation is to use virtual machine e.g. VirtualBox and setup the linux environment. Use Qt creator on linux and on windows. You will have the same look and feel in both environments. That is how I do my developments. All is done on windows. However, targeting linux desktop and embedded linux I do the compilation on linux desktop. The reason is lesser pain.