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Q&A functionality will be switched off for testing on 15th October 08:00 CEST

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    At 08:00 CEST on 15th October, I will turn off the Q&A functionality to see if it is causing the problem we are seeing with the unread lists and so on. If it turns out that it will not help then I will switch it back on. Otherwise a decision will be made to see what we can do with it moving forward.

    It will not lose any originally indicated solved answers and so on as a result of it being switched off and on again, so nothing should be lost as a result. It will just not be available while it is deactivated.

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    It turned out not to be the Q&A plugin so I am re-enabling that and trying with a different theme briefly to see if that makes a difference.

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    Not that either so back to the drawing board

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