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Documentation displayed like without .css

  • And by the way i have another problem : Documentation displayed like without .css
    the Documentation is displaying as if there is no css file associated, white background, black pencolor, with blue links, 'raws' lists with lefts points....
    In the first page i have also this :
    @\div{class="indexbox tools"} \div {class="indexboxcont indexboxbar"} \div {class="sectionlist normallist"} \div {class="heading"} What is Qt \enddiv@

    And reinstalling QTcreator does not correct the problem

    Any indications is welcomed


  • It's not a Qt Creator issue, but a Qt one. I don't know of any fixes rather than recompiling Qt yourself and having it create the docs again.

  • Thanks, i will reinstall Qt then

  • I had the same problem with my qt 4.7.4 on Windows. You need to download qt sources (here: ), take \4.7.4\doc\qch\ folder from it (with it's contents) and replace your \qch\ folder with it. It helped me.

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