Deploying app .sis file to nokia n950 (meego)

  • Hello Guys!

    I am new to QT Quick app development. I am working on an app to run over nokia symbian touch devices like (c700 c601) and nokia meego devices like nokia n800 and nokia n950.

    I was successful to install app on nokia symbian device c700. But when I try to install app on nokia n950 device it does not even detect device. Also nokia ovi suit and nokia pc suit does not recognize device n950. Could any one tell how would I install my app .sis file on nokia n950? Also does this device support installing .sis file or not?

    Thank You

  • As far as I know, MeeGo doesn't support .sis files.

    On the N9 I installed the developer tools, so I have an app "sdk connect".
    With this app I get an IP and password, which I fill in in the preferences of QtCreator.
    Then in Projects I add the target Harmattan, and select the N9 as device configuration.
    When I then click run, the application launches on the N9.

    Since you're developing for the n950, some things will be different for you (probably you'll have to select a different target than Harmattan).
    But they're both meego-phones, so the steps should be quite similar I guess...

  • Thanks for quick response.
    Could you tell me how to install dev tools on device.
    Since when i try to update dev tools it prompts to update device software and doing that it gives error.

  • On the N9 it's at settings > security > developer mode.
    It worked for me like that, so I can't help you with the error you get, sorry...

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