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Qt5 QGLWidget rendertext problems

  • hi,

    i am having issues with the QGLWidget rendertext function. specifically, if i draw filled polygons then even strings which should be "in front" of the polygons do not appear. i have modified the simple hellogl program from Qt to demonstrate the problem but i am not sure how to attach a zip file.

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    Hi and welcome
    The forum does not allow zip file upload. Not even for mods :)

    Please use an online service and paste link here. is ok
    if you use the ... button and switch to link mode.
    You can also use google driver or similar.

  • thank u for the link here it is:

    please download and unzip it will create a directory simple with the code and a .pro file on which to run qmake.

    u can use the left mouse to rotate and then u should see the strings when the quad is no longer hiding the strings. string 1 should appear on startup but it doesn't.

    thanks for any help.

  • anyone have any ideas or resolution to this issue?

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