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Window's content (OpenGL) freezes when interacting with its title bar - Bug?

  • Hello
    I think I found a bug or just an odd and undesired behavior that I can't fix nor explain.
    I'm using Qt 5.13.1, compiling with MSVC 2017 x64 on Windows 10. This behavior is present for example in openglunderqml and textureinthread examples so it should be easy to reproduce.

    Problem description:
    While clicking (with left or right mouse button) and holding on window's title bar, content of the window freezes (animation stops). It unfreezes after you release the button, in case you clicked on minimize/maximize/close button, or unfreezes by itself after about a second if you clicked elsewhere on the title bar. If you add a Dialog and open it, clicking on its title bar causes the main window to freeze too.

    Has anyone noticed it or can reproduce it with mentioned examples? Should I report it as a bug or are there any ways to fix it?

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