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[solved]Can proxy cause "connection timed out"?

  • I am using QNAM to download a XML file from server but getting “connection timed out” error message in reply. In some mail thread I saw some was asking about proxy. My program is behind a corporate proxy, can it cause this issue? If yes, could you please let me know how to resolve the problem?

    Note: Through browser I can access the page successfully.

  • Did you set the proxy in your Qt application? Did you check if there's anything strange going on by using a network sniffer?

  • I did not do anything related to proxy in my application. I don't know what to check or how to check. I just checked NetworkReply and found "connection timed out".

  • Is your company's proxy set as a system wide proxy? If so, did you call


    from your code? (If not, of course, you have to create and set a QNetworkProxy for your application, because Qt has no way to know that you're behind a proxy server).

  • Thanks a lot peppe.

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