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Drag and Drop in QabstractListModel

  • Hi,
    I have C++ Model and that model i have given to Qml ListView. I want to implement Drag and Drop in ListView and On Drag-Drop Model items should get swap. I am able to Drag-Drop But as my Model is Define in C++, I am not able to Swap items.

    I know move() method is there for Swap in Model. But for accessing move() method we need "from,to" parameters. I am able to get "from" parameter index. But how will i get "to" parameter index i.e., Drop-Index.

    Bhushan Sure

  • @Bhushan_Sure

    Please include import QtQml.Models 2.3 or latest supported by your Qt Version.

    You can refer a sample code Using drag and drop with ListView.

    And below is simple example of using DropArea & bit modified.

    delegate: Item {
        id: delegateItem
        DropArea {
            id: dropArea
            anchors { fill: parent; margins: 10 }
            onEntered: {
                listView.model.move(listView.dragItemIndex, delegateItem.DelegateModel.itemsIndex, 1);
                // Use your C++ model here and implement the move() 

    All the best.

  • @Pradeep-P-N Thank you very much :)

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