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Qt-SSL Issue on Windows

  • Hi!
    I have been using SSL with my Qt application on Windows, for a while with no issue until I upgraded my Qt libraries to 5.13.1.
    Now I got these messages any time I launch my app in the logs: QSslSocket: cannot resolve SSL_CTX_set_ciphersuites QSslSocket: cannot resolve SSL_set_psk_use_session_callback

    Of course, the network requests I make seem to fail too. I used to include these libraries: libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll but as you can imagine, they don't work anymore.

    Reading about this topic, I noticed that with the newer version of OpenSSL, those libraries were renamed to libcrypto.dll and libssl.dll. So, I decided to download the latest version of OpenSSL (1.1.1d) and try to replacing the old files, nevertheless the error keeps appearing.

    If I am using the latest version of OpenSSL, what can be wrong? Any hint is very welcome. :)

  • Hi,

    I'm using OpenSSL as well.
    I do get these errors but everything is working well.

    So these errors don't tell you that much.

    Are you sure there isn't an error in some other part of the code?

  • @Grove You were right, in despite of the warning messages in the console, the network module actually was working. The error was in a little change I made to my code.
    Nevertheless, I wonder why those messages keep appearing with the latest version of OpenSSL and if there is a way to avoid them.

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