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Qt Design Studio - will it preview on Android

  • I just downloaded Qt Design Studio.

    It seems to not auto find the Kits Qt creator finds, even if I set the paths.

    Is running on an actual device supported? It seems like all the pieces are there...

  • Theoretical it could work but ...

    • QtDesignStudio uses a different settings directory path
    • we as the QtDesignStudio developers decided not to go the hassle to support every possible platform for preview stuff
    • QtCreator itself has also the Build->Preview menu entry so you can try to make it work on your own in QtCreator
    • but we see the need to share stuff with people at there mobile devices or even devices without any installed Qt

    For that, we are preparing a QmlProjector which is basically a running Qt in a browser which can understand packed resources.

    a first version can be seen here: qmlprojector

    work is still in progress, but if we are ready we will show a blog post about it. Try it out and if there are issues use jira so we can reply in structured way.

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