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Qt creator on Windows Embedded Standard 7

  • Hi everyone,

    I need help .. I would like to install Qt Creator with the Windows Embedded Standard 7 operating system .. which Qt Creator can work?
    I currently have Qt creator 5.6.3-windows-x86-msvc2015-64bit installed, but when I open the qt creator application it is blocked because it cannot display the drop-down menu on any application option ...
    thank you very much for those who help me

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Windows 7 will first die next year so you should be able to use the newest Creator.
    So i would just try the online installer and use the lastest Creator and Qt version and see.
    I installed Wes7 in a virtual machine and it had no issue with Creator.
    However, it was a very fat embedded version.
    So if you remove roles/components. Creator might
    no run anymore.

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