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QWidget Subclassed Stylesheet

  • Well I am trying to subclass a QWidget like so. When I try to change the background color, or add a border it doesn't do anything to the widget. If I just set the style to "background-color: black;" all the controls with the layout change background colors.

    I added a QWidget using the designer, than added a button to it. I looked at the generated code and it is exactly what I have here. So I am wondering if there is a problem with sub-classing and QWidget?

    class Base : public QWidget {
    Base(QWidget* p) : QWiget(p) { }

    class Higher : public Base {

    Higher(QWidget* p) : Base(p) {
    this->setObjectName( QString::fromUtf8( "Higher" ) );
    this->setStyleSheet( "#Higher { background-color: black; }" );

          QVBoxLayout* layout = new QVBoxLayout(this);
          // add buttons to layout here etc...


    On a side note, I see "QVBoxLayout* layout = new QVBoxLayout( parent );" but I never see anyone freeing this memory. Does the QWidget free this memory in it's deconstructor?

  • Try adding a Q_OBJECT to your Base class delcaration. A good rule of thumb is to always add the Q_OBJECT macro to all classes that inherit Q_OBJECT.

    Concerning the QVBoxLayout it is a QObject whose ownership belongs to its parent (your widget). It will be destroyed when the widget is itself destroyed. Look at the documentation of QObject for more informations.

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