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Compiling OpenGL/GLEW with Qt 5.9 on ARM64 Ubuntu/Linux

  • Hi all,
    i get the error message

    /usr/include/GLES3/gl31.h:528: error: ‘void __glewActiveTexture(GLenum)’ redeclared as different kind of symbol
     GL_APICALL void GL_APIENTRY glActiveTexture (GLenum texture);

    while compiling a qt 5.9 application with need to use GLEW 2.0 for initialization.
    I have no idea how to solve this problem and using GLEW 2.0 with a simple GLUT app works fine, so i think it musst be possible to do the same with qt.

    My configuration is

    • device type desktop
    • gcc, arm64bit
    • Qt 5.9.5

    thanks for advice !


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