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Strange behaviors with UI size between MacOS / Windows 1080p / Windows 4k

  • Hello there,

    I coming to you because I'm scratching my head face to a problem with QWidget UI size.
    I develop my application on MacOS and I target MacOS and Windows platform. Until there no problem.

    Then when I run my App on MacOS it looks great, exactly how I want. I mean for qlineedite size, general fonts size, icons...

    The problem is when I run my App on Windows I get trouble, in 1080p screen is more and less OK, but in a 4k monitor (same used in OSX by the way) I get a lot of problems and it looks terrible.

    As my English is not great to explain everything here is some screenshots to show you the problem.

    MacOS OK
    MacOS OK
    Windows 1080p OK
    Windows 1080p
    Windows 4k (150%) not ok, icons are too small, like twice little than normal UI
    Windows 4k

    Now the main problem with a dialog
    MacOS OK
    Windows 1080p ok
    Windows 1080p
    Windows 4k NOT OK
    Windows 4k

    And there in the last one you can see that it is not working at all. The dialog has a fix size.

    Do you have any advice to handle 4k monitor correctly in Windows, seems to be complicate !
    I read this but it doesn't help me HighDpi

    Thank you to read me.

  • Ok, just updated Qt to version 5.12.5 and the problem is gone !
    For info I was in Qt 5.12.4.

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