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Creating a multiplayer game, don't know where to start, looking for advice

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    so i decided to make a Ludo game for my graduation project, i want to make it so that player can play vs pc ( 1 player vs up to 3 AI ), now all those things i believe i can handle but what the problem is, i want to add multiplayer for this game, but i don't know where to start and what to look for exactly, i searched for some stuff on google and so far i haven't found anything and im still lost... Can anyone please give me any kind of advice, any kind of website or video from which i could learn how to set up multiplayer for my game. I really don't like networking so i want to make the multiplayer part as short and less complicated as possible, if that is even a choice....

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    Should this multiplayer also work over the internet or just on LAN ?
    Im afraid you will have to use some networking as the other players will need
    to communicate moves etc.

    This sample is heavy commented and should be easy to follow

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    Alternatively, you can make the players take turns sharing the same keyboard + mouse. This way, you can provide multiplayer without networking, but this is not what people mean nowadays when they say "multiplayer".

  • @mrjj Thank you for the link and regarding the multiplayer my teacher said that i can do either over the internet or LAN , i believe LAN is a much simplier thing to work with so i'd probably go with that if there are any stuff regarding this topic, for my graduation project it's required for game to be played by ( for example 4 ) players, but each player has to play the game on their own PC.
    @jksh ye i wanted to implement that into my game and of course like i said player vs the pc, but my professor said that i should put a multiplayer option in there aswell if i want to get a better grade.

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