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QtWebEngine just produces a white screen on some devices

  • I am currently using QT Web Engine to display a web page in my application that allows users to authorise the app access to their google calendars however on machines running OSX it just displays a white page and crashes when the user closes the application, on Windows it displays the page correctly.

    The page however does load correctly when I run the application on my OSX device when running in debug within QT.

    I have referenced WebEngine in my shared.pri file using:

    QT += webengine

    And initialise it in my main.cpp when the app starts. I load the view using WebEngineView in QML and the url it connects to is hardcoded into the application so it's the same for everyone.

    I have checked that the frameworks QTWebChannel, QTWebEngine and QTWebEngineCore are all linked correctly and they seem to be. I am building using Qt version 5.12.1 and using OSX Mojave 10.14.5.

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