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Read JSON WITHOUT readAll()

  • Until now, I'm reading my JSON files using:

    QFile file(file_path);
        qDebug() << "Failed to open " << file_path;
    QTextStream file_text(&file);
    QString json_string = file_text.readAll();
    QByteArray json_bytes = json_string.toLocal8Bit();
    auto json_doc = QJsonDocument::fromJson(json_bytes);
    if (json_doc.isNull()) {
        qDebug()<<"Failed to create JSON doc.";
    if (!json_doc.isObject()) {
        qDebug()<<"JSON is not an object.";
    QJsonObject json_obj = json_doc.object();
    if (json_obj.isEmpty()) {
        qDebug()<<"JSON object is empty.";
    // do some stuff

    It works great, but I would like to know if is possible to replace the readAll() method and read just a single JSON node/object/array from the JSON file.
    I was thinking about it because my JSON files are very big.

    Maybe, something like:

    QJsonObject my_node = file.magic_read().value("root").toObject().value("node_a").toObject();

    Is this possible?

  • doubtful...the json is a document format. so, to be parsed correctly it needs to be cached somewhere. The readall() pulls the whole document into memory so that it can be parsed.

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