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QDiffuseSpecularMaterial diffuse texture

  • Hi,

    I would like to use a texture for the diffuse component of a QDiffuseSpecularMaterial. In the documentation I find for the diffuse property:

    "Holds the diffuse color of the material that is emitted for rough surface reflections with the lights. This can be either a plain color value or a texture."

    but how do I give it a texture (loaded from a png on disk)? It expects a QVariant...


  • Just found this issue here. I am also having the same problem. QVariant is not happy with QTexture2D.

    I am Using 5.12.3 at the moment, but maybe I'd better check 5.13.

  • @kippa Same on 5.13.0. I must be missing something.

  • @kippa After a lot of trying, I succeeded by doing the following

    Qt3DExtras::QDiffuseSpecularMaterial* material = new Qt3DExtras::QDiffuseSpecularMaterial(_renderData);
    Qt3DRender::QTexture2D* tex = new Qt3DRender::QTexture2D(_renderData);
    SVGTexture* texIm = new SVGTexture(texture, static_cast<int>(width), static_cast<int>(height), tex); //Subclass of QPaintedTextureImage with SvgRenderer to use an svg as texture

    Hope this helps.


  • JanWillemsen Thanks. Of course it's the cast. Works like a charm. Thanks for getting me out of my mental quicksand. Perhaps QVariant will become qabstracttexture aware someday.

  • I eventually found this to work for me

    texture = new Qt3DRender::QTexture2D();
    material = new Qt3DExtras::QDiffuseSpecularMaterial();
    // SymbolImage is my subclass of qabstracttexture
    img = new SymbolImage(name, material, blah, blah, blah,  blah,  blah);
    // the two textures are identical for my work

    So just QVariant::fromValue().

    Then later upon a callback:

    /// assume diffuse is same as specular, or use specular
    QTexture2D *t = material->diffuse().value<QTexture2D*>();
    SymbolImage *s = static_cast<SymbolImage*>(t->textureImages().first());

    That's what I ended up using.

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