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How to create and compile a windows native application where I can still you QtLibraries?

  • So here is the thing. I want to use Qt Creator to develop a Native Window application that uses DX3D.
    I'm starting by the example posted here:

    Now the reason that I want to do this in QtCreator (using the MSVC2017x64 Compiler) and not in MS Studio is because I have a LOT of helper classes (loggers, text parsers, control logic) that is already tested and working that uses stuff such as QString, QTextStream, QHashMap, etc. I want to be able to draw using D3D but, for all logic , file and control management use the classes I've already developed.

    I can create an empty project. Copy and Paste the code but my main problem is configuring the .pro file to actually find the headers and include the desired libraries.

    I would like help doing this. Does anyone have an example o how to build the native application using Qt?

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    What do you mean by native?

    You can both use Qt and win32 api and
    DirectX with no issues.

  • Maybe I expressed myself incorrectly. By native I meant that uses the WinMain function as an entry point, for example. Something like the code in the link I've poste.

    But If you can provide some example code on HOW I can use Qt and the win32 APi and Direct X 11, I'd appreaciate it. I have not been able to find ANYTHING online.

    Just a simple open a window and draw a circle or something will do. I want to know how con configure the .pro so that it will find all the appropriate libraries and the code will compile.

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