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qthttpserver - where to ask about this?

  • I can see the source at

    It's very interesting, but I have some simple questions around what their plans are (the labs group) - and the two blog posts from Jan/Feb of this year are closed to comments.

    If anyone is familiar with the project - other than the 'routes' API (which is nice) - will there an event system along the lines of:

    HTTP POST started/progress/about to finish/finished - et cetera?

    Similar for GET/PUT, et cetera?

    Worst case I can just build and experiment, but I don't want to put energy into adding something that they're either already planning on building or going another way with.

    Cheers :)

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    You can ask on Qt interest mailing list - all Qt developers are present there. Or, smaller questions - you can try asking on IRC.

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